I have, through nearly half a century of public service, made it my mission to fuse theory and practice, to,

  1. ensure bio-cultural self-determination and survival of communities living in fragile, extreme and endangered environments
  2. bridge widening gulf between tradition and modernity
  3. harvest human capital to generate material capital
  4. disseminate India’s unfulfilled mission in promoting human survival, well-being and bounty

I have tried to,

  • reinvent cognitive categories, to humanize and fuse natural and social sciences, restore vanishing links of cultural, linguistic, biological diversity, rebuild relations among cultures, disciplines and nations
  • strategize culture specific governance and diplomacy
  • rebuild crumbling bridges between culture and development, life, livelihood and arts, to alleviate discontent and insurgency.
  • steer participative rural development initiatives, co-directed by marginalized, specially hill and forest based communities, to arrest degradation of their habitats, extinction of their languages, erosion of their natural, intellectual, cognitive, cultural rights and knowledge systems.
  • introduce non-invasive strategies for adaptive reuse of heritage structures and cultural landscapes.
  • harness public purpose institutions, including museums, for demusemization.